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Bilateral labor market platform with BRANDING method We create a bridge between job seekers and lovable jobs who, through a detailed introduction, find each other through their common values. Create your free, modern company profile and advertise on!

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Create your company profile and entry for free! In addition, get a 30% coupon for your new company registration in June 2022 or 25% coupon in July 2022. It can be used for 30 days for Latte, Cappuccino and Cappuccino Extra advertising packages!



Check your company dashboard for a 25% discount with the DJNyarzaro25 coupon on Latte, Cappuccino or Cappuccino Extra packages!

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8 883 000 Ft
8 883 000 Ft

We are proud that DreamJobs Hungary has supported local companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A little taste of the company atmosphere:
The company profile

Our main secret weapon at is the company profile, which helps job seekers gain insight to the atmosphere of a perspective company. They can see the team, the office, they can get to know the product, the mission and learn about the way the company works together. This way, only people who can imagine themselves in such a community will apply for the position.


The active and passive users on

...are mostly Gens Y and Z with at least a BA diploma, who want to work in a community where they feel welcome, they can be themselves and grow. A well filled out company profile has a magnetic power to attract the perfect candidate.


Where the most relevant applicants for you are.

Potential candidates for your ad will be addressed through targeted social media channels outside of The number of our thematic Facebook groups is constantly growing, currently numbering more than 35,000 subscribers. Precise ad targeting also results in 77% candidate relevancy.


Focus on the best!

We strive for the quality and not the quantity of job applicants. We do it for you! Our goal is not to bring in more applicants, but to help you choose the best from a more selective and relevant group! You only have to focus on them, saving you time, energy and money.

5 steps to find the perfect collegue

1.Register as an Employer on!
2.Register your company as an individual or recruiter company!
3.Create a Company Profile expand_more
Create an exciting company profile! Use the wizard to show, with texts and images, even videos, from a formal and informal point of view, what you do, what your office looks like, whether it is possible to work in a home office, who your team is, what technology / tools / methods you use. What will you need? Click here
4.Create a job post! expand_more
Build your ad using the wizard. In addition to the classic “what we are looking for” and “what we expect” sections, you can specify the salary and benefits you offer, whether you can work remotely, and complete them with a couple of extra content boxes. Your ads will appear on the platform along with your company profile.
5.Buy ad packages and activate your ad expand_more
We can help you choose a package that fits your ad best. Take advantage of volume discounts and plan for up to half a year! Ad packages can be used for 6 months. Attach the selected prepaid package to your ad for publication and the ideal candidates will come!
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They also found their perfect collegue with us!

Advertise with us if:

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  • You're looking for a gen Y or Z, white collar colleague
  • You want less, but more relevant CVs to sort through to find the perfect applicant
  • You prefer a cost-effective and effecient selection proccess
  • You know that employer branding is increasingly important in order to find relevant applicants
  • You are happy to invest energy in making your company attractive to prospective employees


Current price list

Cappuccino ExtraXL
HUF 32 900 +VAT
HUF 65 900 +VAT
HUF 137 900 +VAT
HUF 209 900 +VAT
Advertising period
30 days
30 days
30 days
60 days
Recommended OFFICE Jobs
Junior OFFICE jobs
Medior OFFICE jobs
Senior OFFICE jobs, Intensive Recruitment
Expert OFFICE, Underserved Jobs, Continuous Recruitment
Recommended IT Jobs
Junior IT jobs
Medior and Senior IT jobs
Senior IT jobs, Specialists
Job Posts with Company Profile
Ad presence on site
Video possibility in the ad
Multilocation, Remote work option
Notify “I’d work here” subscribers
Notify self branding pool
Social Media Presence
Job post to our respective Facebook pages
Job post to our respective Facebook pages
Job post to our respective Facebook pages
Social Media Ads
Sponsored ad to specific target group
Sponsored ad to specific target group
Sponsored ad to specific target group
Social Media Ad channel
Facebook, Google, Instagram
Facebook, Google, Instagram
Social Meda Ad Intensity
Featured in the newsletter
Expert ad review
Expert ad review
Expert ad review
Reach / View Report
Reach / View Report
Reach / View Report
ATS link use-optional
ATS link use-optional
ATS link use-optional
Constant optimisation of campaign management
Constant optimisation of campaign management
Blog post opportunity in the "Dream Jobs" section
Blog post opportunity in the "Dream Jobs" section
Featured on the home page
Featured on the home page
Banner between blog posts
Fizeté Salary Report for a specific position
Included essentials, basics:
 Dedicated Service Representative
 Edit ads anytime
 Posts on recruitment pages
 Applicant tracking system
 Credit card, bank transfer
For a personalised plan, contact us at [email protected]!
Price List valid from 2022. January 17

Gold Lite HUF 320 000 +VAT/ 6 months

PREPAID (lump sum)
10% PREPAID discount

HUF 530 000
HUF 477 000 +VAT/year
MONTHLY PRICE (12 payments)

HUF 44 167 +VAT/month

Gold Business Profile 2022

Company profile:
- Priority tagged and featured on the companies page

- Gold framed
Company profile:
- Priority tagged and featured on the companies page

- Gold framed
- Featured
Employer branding
- Constant consultation opportunity
- Banner
- "I would work here" passive pool promotion
- Constant consultation opportunity
- Feature on the DreamJobs blog
- "I would work here" passive pool promotion
- Professional blogpost
- 1 banner per yearly quarter
- Personalised video report to be featured on all platforms
- Unique company profile post per month
- Paid unique company profile campaign per month
- Personalised newsletter in the event of multiple ads
6 coupons for 25 % off
10 contact credits
12 coupons for 30 % off
30 contact credits
20% off DevChallenge quiz/ VIP /Sourcing service*
*To be used once within 1 year, for a chosen service from among the listed services
6 months
12 months
HUF 320 000 +VAT/ 6 months

HUF 530 000 +VAT/ year

*We offer a 10% discount for a lump-sum purchase.
PREPAID (lump sum)
10% PREPAID discount
HUF 477 000 +VAT/year
MONTHLY PRICE (12 payments)
HUF 44 167 +VAT/month

Prices valid until and subject to change from 2022.08.03

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