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What is Candidate Shortlist?

The DreamJobs Candidate Shortlist service combines the convenience and professionalism of a classic bounty hunter service with the capabilities of the Internet in candidate search. This way, not only can you get the right candidates for you from the DreamJobs candidate database, but we will also be looking for your future colleague from a number of other sources.

In addition, we will only pass on the contact details of candidates who have already been informed in advance and have expressed an interest in the opportunity you offer.

*We do not guarantee the recruitment and success of candidates

Why should you choose this service?

We will save and pre-screen candidates for you, saving you time

We will only contact relevant candidates according to your expectations

We only connect with professionals who are interested in the opportunity

Not only do we work from our own database, we have many resources at our disposal to find the perfect colleague

We recommend this for:

Senior IT positions
Leadership roles
Special, niche areas

How does it work?

  • 1

    Register as an employer on DreamJobs or log in to your existing profile!

  • 2

    If you are looking for a targeted solution instead of our job posting and Talent Pool Candidate Search service, choose our DreamJobs Candidate List service!

  • 3

    Fill out our form where you can indicate all the expectations related to the candidate.

  • 4

    After the administration related to the order, our expert colleague will contact you!

  • 5

    Based on the criteria you specify, you will receive 5 candidates * who are suitable for the position and are interested in the opportunity you offer!

  • 6

    From them, you can choose the right colleague for you, who will further strengthen your team!

*We do not guarantee the recruitment and success of candidates


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