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Our Mission

With our application, we provide new possibilities for those growing up in the digital age by bridging the gap between reading and the electronic world. Besides the usage of tablets and smartphones, we aim to make literature a basic part of children’s lives.

Our product


BOOKR Kids is the leading digital publishing company of interactive books in Central Europe, offering not only a wonderful reading tool for kids, but also providing full-service solutions for publishing houses in content digitalization, as well as a revolutionary opportunity for educational institutions to take teaching to the next level.

What would I miss if I left?

Rockstar of the reading class.

Zsuzsi , Elementary schools teacher

Office address

Budapest, Jókai u. 6, 1066 Magyarország

Office photo

BOOKR Kids - Office photo  - Budapest, Jókai u. 6, 1066 Magyarország

Team video

BOOKR Kids - Team video

What makes our product special

Tech Android iOS Kids Books Fairytales Reading Learning

Our story

  1. 2015.04

    BOOKR Kids is available in App Store and Google Play!

  2. 2016.04

    Official strategic partner with Telekom and Samsung

  3. 2016.10

    Let's go worldwide - launching of our B2B publishing solution

  4. 2017.05

    New clients: KUBU, Cartoon Network, Unilever

  5. 2017.09

    Launching BOOKR Kids in the Czech Republic as BOOKO

  6. 2018.07

    New clients: K&H, Pannontej, Minimax, NN Biztosító

  7. 2018.10

    Launching BOOKR Suli, our educational platform for schools

  8. 2018.12

    Launching BOOKR Kids in China, Norway and in Germany

  9. 2019.01

    Launching new ESL product, BOOKR Class

  10. 2021.11

    Listed by HolonIQ as one of the most promision Edtech Startups of Europe

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Our creative brainstorming sessions allow all of our team members to share their ideas, our final products are the result of continuous collaboration.

Favourite thing in the office

BOOKR Kids - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Jókai u. 6, 1066 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

We seize all opportunities for professional development and frequently attend conferences and other specialized events.

Lightning round

Most proud of
Team and Product
Favorite decor?
10 000 Books in 27 languages

Our clients

BOOKR Kids - Our clients
BOOKR Kids - Our clients
BOOKR Kids - Our clients
BOOKR Kids - Our clients
BOOKR Kids - Our clients

Why we love our office

Our spacious office is full of books and inspirational posters lit up by sunshine beaming from every direction.

Product video

BOOKR Kids - Product video

Personal qualities we appreciate

Desire to learn. Professional humility. Diligence. Respect. Empathy.


Our partners

Working with the best publishing houses of the World is a fantastic experience, especially if your business partner plays an important role historically on the publishing market. We are proud we can digitalize Mora Publishing Ltd's whole repertoire. We are also partners with Samsung, Hungarian Educational Research and Development Institute, Oxford University Press, MasterCard and Telekom Hungary.

Frankfurt Book Fair
Happy Halloween!
Part of the Team

All titles are available with read-along word highlighting and narration, enhancements that assist, not hinder the learning process. The stories are available in other languages, helping the children to learn foreign languages and to read in a fun way.

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