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Minority Rights GroupBudapest, San Marco u., Magyarország

Europe Programmes Assistant

Junior |Full-time |Management |Budapest
Gross salary range
430 000 - 420 000 HUF
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Job info

About the job

You will be providing administrative and logistical support, project planning, execution and monitoring. You will organise events, talk and meet minority organisations in Central Europe, also supporting them in research and legal aid. You will be working closely with the project coordinator and grant manager.

Salary range

Gross salary range 430 000 - 420 000 HUF

Preferred application method

Language of application:

Work schedule

Weekly working hours40 hours / week
Core time9 - 17


supporting project administration
preparation of travel and accommodation arrangements for participants, colleagues, and partners
organising logistics for events internationally and in the Central Europe region
support granting scheme and processes
researching and collating project news and maintain website

Technologies and tools

Slack |Microsoft Teams |CRM |accounting programmes

Professional skills

  • Admin work in an office5 / 5
  • Project management experience3 / 5
  • Experience organising events4 / 5
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel4 / 5
  • Experience with civil society3 / 5


Finance and accountingBA degree
Human ResourcesBA degree
ManagementBA degree
LawBA degree
EconomyBA degree

Language skills

EnglishFit for negotiation

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Personal skills

Empathetic |Ability to multitask |Ability to prioritize tasks |Punctual, reliable

Your future team in numbers

Team size
11-15 person
Team age range
25 - 55

How we work

MRG works on a very tight schedule as we run several projects at the same time. At the same time, we appreciate authonomy and independence in work. It is a flat and democratic organisation where staff is highly involved into decisions.

What will you learn

You will enjoy working in a multicultural workplace, meet people with different background. You will also assist people develeopment and achiving their aims. We have bimonthly transformation, innovation and learning sessions as well as job shadowing, personal coaching and trainings paid by the organisation.

Ideal candidate

Independent, able to prioratize alone and meet tight deadlines. Enjoy team work and complex work procedures as sub-granting to smaller organisations in Central Europe. Open, positive and willing to commit to the organisation values.

Advantage, if...

Any experience in financial managment or project management

Experience in re-granting

About the company

Our story

  • 1993-01Establisment of the Budapest office after London and Uganda
  • 2001-04Expanding to Caucasus and Turkey
  • 2022-10Largest capacity building programme starts in Eastern Europe

What makes our product special

Advocacy |Human Rights protection |Working with communities

Our product

Minority rights protection

MRG is an international non-governmental organisation working on the protection of the rights of ethnic, linquistic and religious minority communities.

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Life with us

Lightning round

Chalk painting
Average age?
You need only when deadline approaches

Trainings and workshops

Trainings every 6 months Transformation, innovation sessoins

Personal coaching

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

It is a flat and democratic organisation with staff council and trade union.

Why we love our office

It is bright and sunny. And full of good people.

Office photo

What would I miss if I left

We would miss the exchange and learning from each other.


Project manager

Favourite thing in the office

Personal qualities we appreciate

Openness, empathy, precision, attention to people and details, cooperation, good time management, positive attitude, tolerance, respect of rights

Which celebrity would your company be?

Which celebrity would your company be?

Grabovsky - Survivor

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