Development Escalation Engineer


Our team in Hungary consists of more than 160 employees, with more than 130 engineers, including developers, test automation engineers, UI/UX designers, DevOps experts, internal IT and Support engineers. We are a rapidly growing company,we are currently looking for a Development Escalation Engineer to join in our syslog-ng team.

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Professional skills

Strong Linux administration
TCP/IP networking
basics of cryptography and PKI
Bash, Python, C

Personal skills

Ability to prioritize tasks A true team player Friendly and helpful Precise, Detail-Oriented Be self-motivated and driven

You can start

As soon as you can


Beverages Coffee Snacks
In house training
Company phone Laptop

Our team members’ health and wellness is our priority as well as rewarding them for their hard work. 


  • Being part of the Syslog R&Dteam to help the Support team with the most problematic Customer issues
  • Providing on-call support in rotation
  • Investigating and documenting software bugs so that developers can start working on fixing them
  • Fixing the critical problems of the Customers online, via conferencing tools and remote control
  • Reproducing problems and building reproduction environments

How to apply

  • Language of application: English, Hungarian
  • Self-branding profile
  • CV

Do not apply, if...

  • you don't have several years' experience in a similar job
  • you are not fluent in English


Any level degree
Any level degree

Language skills

Fit for negotiation
Our Covid-19 Experience
Our Covid-19 Experience

Judit is happy for the office re-opening at 20 July :)

Our Covid-19 Experience

Re-opening gifts and thank you note. <3

Our Covid-19 Experience

Company branded hand sanitizer

Our Covid-19 Experience

Still, the table tennis and the equipment are clean and disinfected.

Our Covid-19 Experience

3 different types of wristbands for helping each other to distinguish our attitudes.

Office address

Budapest, Alíz utca 2, 1116 Magyarország

Office address

Veszprém, Csillag u. 1, 8200 Magyarország

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Core time
09:00 - 15:00

How we work

- Life at Quest means collaborating with dedicated professionals with a passion for technology.

- When we see something that could be improved, we get to work inventing the solution.

- Our people demonstrate our winning culture through positive and meaningful relationship.

What will you learn

We invest in our people and offer a series of programs that enables them to pursue a career that fulfils their potential.

Development Escalation Team

Development Escalation Team is a bunch of Sherlock Holmes’s who are highly motivated in finding and fixing the root causes of the hardest Customer issues and product bugs or resolving outages. Our job begins when the average Systems Administrator feels totally lost.

Extra challenge

Can you figure out what is wrong with the thing below?

Please be a fair player and share your solution only with us!

If you succeed, then you will get swag from us after the interview: aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL2RlaXJmL2NoYWxsZW5nZQo=í

Our product

Enterprise IT Security Softwares

One Identity is one of the world's leading IT security software vendors with millions of open source users from all over the globe.

We have two well demonstrated softwares, powered by the Hungarian development center:

  • Enterprise class log management software
  • Privileged Access Monitoring and Analytics Tool
  • Privilege Manager for Sudo & Unix

Our mission

We think that security is much more than the practice of denial and restriction. That’s why One Identity’s design and integration philosophy is that our solutions must add agility and efficiency to an organization – regardless of size or market – as well as secure its digital assets.

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Senior software engineer

From C to Python, from Unix to Windows, from GUI to kernel, there's always a new type of professional challenge that supports learning.

Athos , Senior software engineer

Office photo

Budapest, Alíz utca 2, 1116 Magyarország

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Office photo  - Budapest, Alíz utca 2, 1116 Magyarország

Office photo

Veszprém, Csillag u. 1, 8200 Magyarország

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Office photo  - Veszprém, Csillag u. 1, 8200 Magyarország

Team video

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Team video

What makes our product special

Machine learning Linux Security Open source Analytic mindset Scala Clean coding Multiple protocols Native Agile

Our story

  1. 2000.01

    Balabit was founded by Balázs Scheidler, Zoltán Györkő & Endre Wágner in a dorm room in Veszprém.

  2. 2006.01

    Balabit to announce Shell Control Box, the first proxy-based privileged activity monitoring tool.

  3. 2007.01

    Balabit announces the syslog-ng Premium Edition log management software.

  4. 2008.01

    Balabit has customers all over the world, in five continents.

  5. 2013.01

    For the fourth time, we are listed on Deloitte's Fast 50: the most dynamically growing companies.

  6. 2014.06

    Balabit received 8$ Million venture capital from C5, to support further growth in the US.

  7. 2018.01

    Balabit is acquired by One Identity, a Quest Software Business.

  8. 2018.09

    Balabit PAM technologies are seamlessly integrated into the One Identity Safeguard solution.

  9. 2018.12

    One Identity named a Visionary in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management

  10. 2019.10

    One Identity named a Leader in the 2019 Gartner MQ for Identity Governance and Administration

  11. 2020.03

    One Identity Opens Refurbished and Rebranded Offices in Budapest and the expanded Veszprém office.

  12. 2021.07

    One Identity was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management.

  13. 2021.10

    We acquired OneLogin, expanding and bolstering the scope of our Unified Identity Security Platform.

  14. 2022.06

    All our security products placed us in a leading position in gartner's magic quadrant.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We take as a priority to have a direct and cool atmosphere, where people are proud of their colleagues because they pursuit for the best.

  • We shape our team
  • We are straightforward, result-oriented

Favourite thing in the office

Budapest, Alíz utca 2, 1116 Magyarország

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Alíz utca 2, 1116 Magyarország

Favourite thing in the office

Veszprém, Csillag u. 1, 8200 Magyarország

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Favourite thing in the office  - Veszprém, Csillag u. 1, 8200 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

OI gives opportunity to participate on conferences, trainings and workshops. Colleagues make their decision together with the team who participate on which event for synchronizing the common needs.

Lightning round

Bike, public transport or car?
In this order
Always together
Being late or overtime?
You make your own decision

Our clients

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Our clients
One Identity | Quest Hungary - Our clients
One Identity | Quest Hungary - Our clients
One Identity | Quest Hungary - Our clients
One Identity | Quest Hungary - Our clients

Why we love our office

Budapest, Alíz utca 2, 1116 Magyarország

Our offices are cozy without being oppressively trendy.

Why we love our Budapest office, because:

  • we have 108m2 terrace
  • we have a dedicated training room
  • we have more than 10 cafeterias surround us
  • we have Xbox, C64, table tennis, table soccer
  • we have free coffee, tea, cleaned water, pickles and even beetroot

Why we love our office

Veszprém, Csillag u. 1, 8200 Magyarország

Why we love our Veszprém office, because:

  • we have 2000m2 yard
    we have a private stargate:)
  • we have weekly team yoga
  • we are 5 minutes by walk from the Plaza
  • we have table soccer, community sound machine
  • we have free coffee, tea, cleaned water, pickles and even beetroot

Product video

One Identity | Quest Hungary - Product video

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer


Personal qualities we appreciate

Smart people surround us: This is very attractive because we can learn from each other. Just Drop your ideas in the team, or for your leader and it can be one of our new features without strict forms.

Referral system...

We have a referral system which means that we publish a monthly list of vacancies and the amount of referral bonus for each position. If we manage to hire a candidate recommended by a colleague and the new hire succeeds the probation period the recommender will get a bonus.

About the workplace

Is there lunch break?

Yes, of course, everyday

Number of people/office space

130+ in the Budapest R&D Center and 30+ in Veszprém

What do you like doing together after working hours?

Board game, beer&fröccs, hanging out

Monthly team-building events..
Breakfast together :)
Products & Technologies


  • Safeguard Remote Access – .NET, C#, Windows
  • Syslog-ng & SSB: C, PHP, JavaScript, Linux
  • Active Roles: .NET, C#
  • Password Manager: .NET, C#, Windows


  • Privileged Access Suite for Unix /sudo/: Python, C++
  • Privileged Manager for Windows: .NET, C#, Windows
  • Safeguard Authentication Services: Python, C++

Budapest & Veszprém

  • Safeguard for Privileged Sessions: C++, Python, Linux

We use...

Python, Linux, Angular, C#, Rust, Cloud, Scala, Qt, Docker, DevOps

Our favorite digital solution
Our favorite digital solution

A high-end conference room with movable walls, audio-visual elements and a large touch screen TV.

Our favorite digital solution

High-end conference and entertainment room with retractable walls, audio-visual elements and a huge touchscreen TV.

Brand video shooting
Our values...

We believe in ethics, integrity and respect in the workplace – every day. And these aren’t just words. These principles guide how we treat our customers, partners and each other. We strive to:

  • Take Ownership
  • Embrace Change
  • Commit to Team Success
  • Be Solution and Action Oriented
  • Drive Innovation
  • Communicate Openly, Honestly and Constructively

What is One Identity?

The accumulation of the knowledge and experience of brilliant and devoted people, and a place where you can even laugh even at the nerdiest jokes. It is also an exciting workplace, providing you with answers to your questions and feedback on your ideas and efforts. A place where your projects can be just as engrossing as a good TV show or an exciting game.

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