Just imagine your workday would be like this: searching for trending ideas on social media, coming up with scripts for videos, acting in videos for a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, choosing and decorating shooting locations, and ordering props from huge storage with anything you can imagine. This will come true if you join us at TheSoul Publishing as an Actor/Actress.

Professional skills

Working proficiency in English
Social Media knowledge

Personal skills

Charismatic super-creative willing to learn more

You can start


Ideal candidate

  • You understand what type of content we produce and you like it 👍
  • You can show different types of emotions 😄😁😒🤪😟😩😡
  • You feel confident being in front of a camera 🎥
  • You know how to take inspiration from various sources and can come up with new unique ideas 🙋💡
  • You know how to keep track of current trends on social media 📊📈
  • You want to work in a rapidly changing production environment

Salary range

Competitive salary
+ Bonus

 additional monthly bonuses 💰


Training support
Private healthcare
Travel support

  • Lunch🧆 and commute support 🚡🚘🚍, medical expenses 🚑 reimbursement
  • Work in a modern video studio with the professional equipment🎬🎤
  • Casual and informal work environment, zero bureaucracy
  • Creative vibes and an international team of like-minded people🤵🦸🕵👰🦹🧕
  • Business travels🛫 to other studios in various countries (Latvia/Cyprus) to share experiences with colleagues


  • Find cool and trending ideas that would inspire millions of people
  • Turn those ideas into stunning videos together with the Video Designer
  • Take part in on-screen filming as an actor/actress
  • Participate in preparations for shootings
  • Propose new ideas, experiments, and test new formats

How to apply

  • Language of application: English
  • Self-branding profile
  • CV


No qualification required

Language skills

Fit for negotiation

Office address

Budapest, Bocskai út 134, 1113 Hungary, Dorottya Udvar

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week
Working hours
09:00 - 18:00

What will you learn

  • Internal learning system (more than 800 training courses)📚
  • English classes, if you want to improve your language skills
What we do?

We produce entertaining, positive and original content — including videos, articles, animation, and music. We invite you to create video content for our 1,5 billion (yes, 1 500 000 000!) social media subscribers.

Our product

Entertainment content for social media

TheSoul Publishing’s universe of well-known channels, including 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, Baby Zoo, 123 Go!, La La Life, Teen-Z, Avocado Couple, Polar, and Slick Slime Sam, satisfies our viewers’ curiosity showcasing cutting-edge 3D technology, eye-catching stop motion, fun music, and vibrant animation!

Our mission

We create positive, practical, and purely entertaining content to inspire and make happier people of all ages all over the globe!

What would I miss if I left?

			    									- Actress

I would miss all the loud laughs during the shootings, the morning conversations next to the coffee machine, and all the great friends I made here.

Barbara , Actress

Office photo

TheSoul Publishing - Office photo  - Budapest, Bocskai út 134, 1113 Hungary, Dorottya Udvar

Team video

TheSoul Publishing - Team video

What makes our product special

1,500,000,000 subscribers Content in 20 languages Audience from 193+ countries 200B+ views in a calendar year

Our story

  1. 2022

    Our Budapest studio opened 🎉

  2. 2022

    1.5 billion subscribers across all platforms

  3. 2021

    Our Riga studio opened

  4. 2021

    1 billion subscribers across all platforms

  5. 2020

    Pear Couple launched on YouTube

  6. 2019

    123 GO!, Teen-Z, La La Life launched on YouTube

  7. 2018

    Avocado Couple launched on YouTube

  8. 2017

    Slick Slime Sam launched on YouTube

  9. 2016

    5-Minute Crafts launched on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  10. 2016

    TheSoul Publishing began in Limassol, Cyprus

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Every voice at TheSoul is welcomed, heard, and respected.
We nourish creativity and passion, cultivate beautiful minds, and encourage each other to become better every single day.
Generating brilliant ideas and gaining stellar results demands a special ambience. And we have it. We want you to dare to be yourself.

Favourite thing in the office

TheSoul Publishing - Favourite thing in the office  - Budapest, Bocskai út 134, 1113 Hungary, Dorottya Udvar

Trainings and workshops

We have an internal academy with more than 800 educational courses. By investing in self-development, we reach professional heights and grow as experts and leaders.

Lightning round

Mac or PC
Mac Studio 😎
We don’t hesitate to have fun at work!
Most proud of
Our team of Soulmates 💜

Why we love our office

Our Budapest studio has opened in 2022 — it is the newest among all studios of TheSoul Publishing.

The office has everything you need for comfortable work and creativity: a lot of space for team work, unlimited tea and coffee, shooting facilities, high-tech equipment, and film sets with all the necessary stuff in order to bring your ideas to life for millions of viewers worldwide.

Personal qualities we appreciate

We see YOU. We accept you the way you are and want you to stay true to yourself. On your first day. And each day you will spend with us. At all levels, locations, and at all times.

Welcome to our HQ in Limassol
TheSoul Publishing  - Welcome to our HQ in Limassol
Welcome to our Riga studio
TheSoul Publishing  - Welcome to our Riga studio

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TheSoul Publishing

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@TheSoul Publishing Educational courses

Compensation & Benefits Specialist

@TheSoul Publishing Private healthcare

Video Designer
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