Junior Data Analyst


We are looking for a Data Analyst with German knowledge to join our continuously growing team in Debrecen. In this role, you will work across various disciplines in Market Research. You will provide technical solutions for our research partners to answer their clients’ business questions: building online surveys, extracting the key information from the collected data, supporting researchers.

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Professional skills

MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
good analytical skills
databases/statistical skills

Personal skills

Good communication skills learn and constantly develop

Advantage, if...

Experience with databases, statistical tools (e.g. SPSS) and object - oriented programming languages is an advantage but not a requirement.

You can start

As soon as you can


Fruit Coffee Snacks
Conference opportunities In house training Training support
Coaching Team building programs

On average, each person spends 5 hours on trainings per month, which is the highest any company offers in Debrecen.


  • building online surveys with DataExpert’s specialised toolkits
  • custom development for clients’ requests
  • preparing data for analysis
  • creating graphs, charts, and reports, based on the research plan
  • building professional relationships with clients

Technologies and tools

SQL Power BI SPSS Nebu R-program

How to apply

  • Language of application: Hungarian, English
  • Self-branding profile
  • CV
  • LinkedIn


BA degree
BA degree
Finance and accounting
BA degree
BA degree
Humanities and arts
BA degree

Language skills

Fit for negotiation
Fit for negotiation
Our Covid-19 Experience

Office address

Debrecen, Vendég u. 84, 4026 Magyarország

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week

Your future team

Team size
16-25 person
Team age range
22 - 37

What will you learn

  • At DataExpert we all have our personal development plan of hard and soft skills. On average, each person spends 5 hours on trainings per month, which is the highest any company offers in Debrecen.
  • If you are ambitious and get results, you will have the possibility of growing and fast tracking within the role.

See the global business world

  • You will get the opportunity to participate in diverse and challenging multi-country projects and to use the latest Market Research technologies.
  • Our customers are international corporations we invite our colleagues to travel abroad regularly to attend international meetings, events to build personal relationships with our partners.
  • Every day we are communicating with our foreign partners.

Your results matter

  • All our projects have visible results that we can all be proud of; all of our colleagues take part in our success story.
  • You will be a member of a young and supportive team and can have flexible working hours.

Personal development

At DataExpert, we all have a personal development plan for hard and soft skills. If you are ambitious and achieve results, you will have the opportunity to grow and develop quickly within the role.

Our product

Data driven decision making

We provide technological solutions and support for data driven decision making, mainly in two sectors: market research and business intelligence. The core of our services is built on data collection, analysis and visualization, however, our services are further complemented by custom software development, graphic design work and statistical analysis, therefore offering unique end-to-end solutions.

Our mission

Some of the largest companies in the world make strategic decisions based on our work.

It is a pleasure to see that our work makes a difference and has a great impact for our clients.

Our success is measured by how successful our clients are.

We are experts in what we do, therefore we understand, we advise and we complete.

What would I miss if I left?

Szobonya Adrienn
			    									- Senior Data Processing Expert

The never-ending smile on my face. The atmosphere where I can inspire the others and where I get idea to be better and better all day for 6 years.

Szobonya Adrienn , Senior Data Processing Expert

Office photo

DataExpert - Office photo  - Debrecen, Vendég u. 84, 4026 Magyarország

What makes our product special

Data visualization Continuous innovation programming Continous improvement Global costumers Statistics Data processing Business intelligence (BI) Global brands

Our story

  1. 2006.11

    The founders launched the company from their student accommodation with their highly upgraded PCs.

  2. 2009.11

    The first employees join to the company.

  3. 2012.01

    During the next three years the size of the company kept doubling.

  4. 2015.01

    We were the first in Europe to build an independent data visualization team.

  5. 2016.11

    By our 10th anniversary we reached a team of 60 members.

  6. 2019.09

    Our first conference, called DataFlow was organized and launched.

  7. 2019.12

    Breaking records: almost 1 billion HUF in sales, over 100 clients, over 100,000 kms travelled.

  8. 2020.12

    Due to our expertise and business,we remained stable during the pandemic,and we are growing further.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

Your greatest impact is going to be through your work: Your project, your client, you communicate. you really do it all. Your success. We believe in the power of constructive feedback.

Favourite thing in the office

DataExpert - Favourite thing in the office  - Debrecen, Vendég u. 84, 4026 Magyarország

Trainings and workshops

Beyond the technical trainings, we also offer a number of soft-skill trainings to our staff. We participate in several conferences around the world representing DataExpert.

Lightning round

Ties or shorts?
T-shirt and shorts
At noon exactly! :)
Air conditioning or window?
Divides the team.

Our clients

DataExpert - Our clients
DataExpert - Our clients
DataExpert - Our clients
DataExpert - Our clients
DataExpert - Our clients

Why we love our office

Our office is situated close to the city center. The layout is an open office, which is surprisingly calm and offers great collaboration between the different units.
There are a number of facilities in the vicinity of the office: a grocery shop, a bakery, a great restaurant are all around the corner, and there is also free parking available.
Last but not least, having high quality coffee is a given.

Product video

DataExpert - Product video

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis


Personal qualities we appreciate

• Punctuality

• Precision

• Loyalty

• Having a sense of humour 😊

• Being a team player

About the team


Pizza, gyros, Hungarian potato stew.


Hiking, trekking, having a drink together, playing paintball.


We even celebrate namedays…!

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Best Workplaces Award 2017 díjazottja

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Junior Survey Programmer
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